Next Steps in our Media Ministry

As we continue in our journey to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus, we are growing and expanding our media ministry! This new platform will give us the opportunity to connect with the ongoing ministries of the church is a new and efficient way. Not only do we have a new webpage, but later this Summer we will be launching a new church app across all platforms (Apple, Google, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Fire, etc.). This app will provide opportunities to register for events, pay for events online, grow our prayer requests outreach, view Live Streams outside of YouTube, create Small Groups connections all week long (not just on Sunday) and so much more... Now we know that growing our media ministry isn't the be all, end all. It is just another tool in our toolbox to use while we continue to press forward in our work of seeking to build exposure to the influence of our LORD Jesus and His Kingdom. As we continue forward we hope to provide greater opportunity for communication, encouragement, and awareness. Within the next year, our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to be in the know with access to information at your finger tips.

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