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Sunday, February 07, 2016
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          Fresh Start February is here!  Our challenge this month is to seek God’s will for our lives as individuals and our life as a church.  Let us follow God’s will as we come together as a church in worship and fellowship.  As we approach the throne of God there are four areas of the Christian life I want us to focus on: worship, fellowship, tithing, and missions.  These are four of the basics of the Christian life.  Each week in February we will be exploring a different area.  I want us to see this month as an opportunity to grow in our walk with Christ. 

             These four areas are where many Christians struggle the most.  We are always tempted in these four fundamentals.  We are tempted to put something else ahead of God.  We are tempted to spend our time away from other Christians.  We are tempted to spend our money on other things besides Kingdom work.  We are tempted to busy ourselves with other things than being on mission for God.  It is easy to fall into temptation in any and all of these areas.  This is why we must set aside a time a refocus on them.

             We are also using this month as a challenge for our Sunday School classes.  Each class has its goal and together our total attendance goal is 150!  We can achieve this each week if we work together.  Let us do our best this month to reach this goal each week.  I believe God will bless our efforts.  Let us do our best.  It is worth it. 

             I also believe God is ready to do a mighty work in Pawhuska.  He is waiting for us to join Him in His plan.  Let us all work towards an awesome month of February!  As we seek God together, be ready for God to work miracles in our midst!

             I am excited about what God has in store for us together here at Pawhuska 1st Baptist in the year 2016 and beyond!  God has brought us all here together at this time for a mighty work.  Be in constant prayer for discernment for understanding of what this work is.  “Greater things are yet to be done in this city…”  Be constant in prayer.  Be actively seeking the welfare of Pawhuska (Jeremiah 29:4-9).  Together we must, “Touch the World…Impact Eternity.”  In our mission and ministry at Pawhuska FBC, we must truly put Pawhuska First!  It is in our name.  It is our mission.   


In Service for Him,


Bro. Jeff Laughlin      














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