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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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           Time fliesIt doesn't seem like it, but this month marks the beginning of our 3rd year here at Pawhuska 1st.  Thank you church family for welcoming us in and making us feel truly at home.  I do not use the words at home lightly.  As a family of families,  the church is a home.  Even though we did not grow up in nor had ever been to Pawhuska, we have truly experienced a homecoming.  God is at work among us and I am excited to see what He is going to do in our midst. 


     There are other families in our community who need to experience this homecoming as well.  There are some who have dropped out of church for various reasons.  There are those who have moved to Pawhuska and just have not found their church home yet.  There are those who have really had nothing to do with church, but are realizing there is something missing in their lives.  As we put our community of Pawhuska first, we much reach out to these families.  We must display to them we are truly a family of families.   We must welcome them in with open arms and let them know there is a place for them with us.  More than likely, they will not just wander in.  We must reach out to them as we are going throughout are daily lives


           You see we are not just gathering together for a time of fellowship or a religious experience.  We are gathering for a worship rehearsal.  Thats right, we are rehearsing how to worship God together for when we experience the greatest homecoming ever.  We have never been to Heaven before, but that is truly home for us as Christians.  One day Jesus will come again and call His children home.  Until that day we must be about the Fathers business in reaching others for Christ.


               I am excited about what God has in store for us here at Pawhuska First Baptist in this new year of 2015 and beyond.  God has brought us all here together at this time for a mighty work.  Be in constant prayer for discernment for understanding of what this work is.  Greater things are yet to be done in this city…”  Be constant in prayer.  Be actively seeking the welfare of Pawhuska (Jeremiah 29:4-9).  In our mission and ministry at Pawhuska FBC, we must truly put Pawhuska First!  It is in our name.  It is our mission. 


In Service for Him,


Bro. Jeff Laughlin









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