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Thursday, July 20, 2017
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     Spring seems to have sprung extremely early this year.  With Spring we think of new life and renewed growth.  New life and renewed growth is what we should be expecting God to do within the sphere of influence of Pawhuska 1st.  We should always be expecting God to do amazing and exciting things.  As we near the end of our Nehemiah We Build study allow me a moment to recap what we have experienced in this great book.  I fully believe if we truly allow God to speak to us through this study we will see amazing and exciting things like new life and renewed growth.  We will truly experience a revival in our midst.


            We first see Nehemiah’s response to the condition of his homeland.  Jerusalem is a wasteland and the people are in distress.  Nehemiah prayed.  He prayed day and night for four months seeking the opportunity to the king on behalf of his people.  He confessed his sins and the sins of his people.  He was on his knees before God day and night for four months pleading for God to work. 


            When the opportunity emerged to bring his petition before the king Nehemiah was ready.  He said a quick prayer under his breath and then spoke boldly to the king.  Nehemiah trusted God to work and then faithfully acted.  Upon his arrival in Jerusalem he faced opposition from outsiders and opposition within because it would require change. 


            Nehemiah was ready and the people followed him in the work.  They set aside whatever personal differences they had and worked in unity.  There continued to be opposition (within and without), but the work was completed.  They worked through their differences.  They listened to God and followed faithful in His task.  They all had a job to do and they did it. 


            Nehemiah and the people also were serious about the Word of God.  On multiple occasions they spent six hours reading it aloud and another six hours teaching it to the people.  They spent hours in corporate worship together confessing their sins and praising God.  They realized they needed to be separate from the world and completely fixated on God. 


            Are we spending consistent and extensive time in prayer for God to work in our church and community?  Are we ready to faithfully act when opportunities emerge?  Are we truly seeking unity within the body of Christ?  Unity is the absence of compartmentalization.  We must look at the ministry of the church as a singularity instead of many separate ministries (i.e. youth, children, senior adult, young adult, etc.).  Are we serious about the Word of God?  Are we open to allow It to speak to us and then ready to change accordingly?  Maybe you have missed a Sunday or would like to hear these messages in Nehemiah again;I would encourage you to go to our website and click on the sermon audio tab.


            I am excited about what God has in store for us together here at Pawhuska 1st Baptist as we continue together in 2017!  God has brought us all here together at this time for a mighty work.  Be in constant prayer for discernment for understanding of what this work is.  “Greater things are yet to be done in this city…”  Be constant in prayer.  Be actively seeking the welfare of Pawhuska (Jeremiah 29:4-9).  Together we must, “Touch the World…Impact Eternity.”  In our mission and ministry at Pawhuska FBC, we must truly put Pawhuska First!  It is in our name.  It is our mission.    


In Service for Him,


Bro. Jeff Laughlin

























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